Industry rides on a microscopic film of oil that keeps interacting components moving with minimum friction and ear. 

The role of your lube and hydraulic oil is as important as that of the other vital components such as bearings and gears to achieve peak performance and efficiency of your equipment and machineries. Just as you would stringently follow the proper procedures when installing a bearing or gear and when carrying out subsequient periodic maintenance, you should appreciate that proper lubrication maintenace practices are equally crucial to achieve peak performance, reliability and longevity of your equipment and machineries. 

Are your lubes and hydraulic oils degrading unnecessarily in the same old way to require the same old frequency of oil change? Are the lubricated components of your equipment and machineries wearing out unnecessarily in the same old way to require the same old interval for overhaul and parts replacement; and still sometimes fail unexpectedly?

Have you resigned yourself to the notion that this same old cycle of oil degradation and machinery wear is normal and a matter of course, with the attendant high and recurring maintenance and operational expenses? This needs not be so !

A proper lubrication maintenance programme observed by trained personnel is a quick and easy way to prolong lube/hydraulic oil life, reduce wear of the lubricated components, and monitor the health of both the oil and the components, leading to savings in maintenance and operational costs, increased uptime, and avoidance of forced stoppage.


Machinery Lubrication Training Course 


Level I Fundamental: 3-day training

with elective ICML MLT I or MLA I certification exam.

(MLT I: Level I Machine Lubrication Technician)

(MLA I: Level I Machine Lubricant Analyst)

Level II Advanced: 2 1/2-day training

with elective ICML MLT II certification exam.

(MLT II: Level II Machine Lubrication Technician)


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