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Machine wellness depends on the lube system as much as its machine components, but contaminants in the lube compromises the machine's total maximum potential.

Contaminants can be invisible to the naked eyes and could be in harmful levels that is destroying machine components and shortening lube life.

In this course you will learn:

  • The effects of contamination
  • The alert signs of contamination
  • Major Culprit #1: Particle contamination
  • Major Culprit #2: Water contamination
  • Other types of contamination
  • Oil analysis for detecting contamination
  • How to manage contaminated lube
  • The many strategies of prevention
  • Prolonging lube life
  • Avoiding machine breakdown
  • Stopping recurring contamination problems

Learn to prevent the ingress and ingestion of contaminants into the lubricated system in the first place, from delivery, storage, handling and transfer of the oil; and through intake breather air. By having Proactive Machinery Oil Contamination Control, you may emulate the best lubrication maintenance practices in world class facilities that enhances and ensures lubrication effective that results in saving maintenance cost and increased in uptime.


Have you picked your low-hanging fruit?   

Keep your oil clean & dry, by simple ways.. extend life of oil & machine.


“Low-hanging fruit” cost saving have the following two characteristics: 

High Impact,  Low Effort.


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2017 Training Schedule

Course Date:

02 Oct 2017 - Singapore

03 Oct 2017 - Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Johor Bahru


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