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Metalux is the Lubrication Maintenance Specialist providing Machinery Oil Analysis & Vibration Analysis products and services. Tapping on our expertise, we offer training and consultancy for condition monitoring and diagnostics. Our field of specialty lies in rotating equipment, reciprocating equipment, and hydraulic systems to support proactive and predictive condition-based maintenance.

Our Industrial Tribology Laboratory provides a full range of oil analysis tests for periodic in-service lubricant samples to monitor the condition of the lube or hydraulic oil, and to diagnose the condition of the oil or grease-lubricated machine components. This state-of-the-art facility is fully computerized and located at Technovation Park, University Technology Malaysia in Johor State.


We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our customers and believe that our duty goes beyond producing reports. Our officers work closely with customers to explain the results and implications of test reports and recommend suitable measures to improve their existing maintenance culture through cbmXpress, our one-stop solution for condition-based monitoring needs.

In our flagship programme, your custom cbmXpress lubrication maintenance solution is crafted by our Lubrication Maintenance Specialist after analyzing your machines’ criticality, environment, and budget. Our cbmXpress range includes Oil Analysis services, ContaminationControl productstechnical training, and consultancy.