Oil Analysis Program Development 

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“Developing an oil analysis program is not just sending a sample to a laboratory!”


Where the sample comes from is very important. (for example, if sample is extracted downstream of a filter, there will be limited information on wear particles).


When the report comes back, if there is no reference/baseline, no trends, there may be insufficient information to make any informed decisions, if any at all.


It takes nine hours to sharpen the axe, and one hour to cut the tree!  It is the same for oil analysis. 


A successful program needs the following:

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Lubrication Program Audit
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A review/audit of the 12 key elements to lubrication management is conducted by our expert consultant (Kevan Slater), bench-marking with world class lubrication practises.


This is a very useful and helpful audit/survey that in giving a snapshot of where your plant ranks, and more importantly, on the potential improvements and savings!


The audit may be customized to focus on just selected elements, instead of the full works.

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General Technical Advise

(Related to Oil Analysis, Lubrication best practises, etc)    

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