A 4-day training course with elective Mobius Institute certification exam. The course structure and Mobius Institute's certification exam are in accordance with ISO 16436-2 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A standards for Vibration Analyst Level II

Individuals certified as Vibration Analyst Category II are fully qualified personnel who may be authorized by their employers to perform and/or direct industrial machinery vibration measurements and vibration analysis for single-channel measurements, with or without phase trigger signals, according to established and recognized procedures. Personnel classified as Vibration Analyst Category II require all the knowledge and skills expected of Vibration Technician Category I and shall also be qualified to:

  1. Select the appropriate machinery vibration measurement technique.
  2. Setup instruments for basic resolution of amplitude, frequency and time.
  3. Perform basic vibration analysis of machinery and components such as shafts, bearings, gears, fans, pumps, and motors using spectrum analysis.
  4. Maintain a database of results and trends.
  5. Perform basic (single-channel) impact tests to determine natural frequencies.
  6. Classify, interpret and evaluate the test results (including acceptance tests) in accordance with applicable specifications and standards.
  7. Recommend minor corrective actions.
  8. Understand basic single-plane field balancing concepts, and
  9. Be aware of some of the causes and effects of bad measurement data.    

We do not offer this training course this year. If you are interested, please inform us here.