Test equipment

Fluitec RULER LSV (Linear Sweep Voltametry)

Sample size

20ml (recommended), 5ml (minimum)


ASTM D7590



RUL = Remaining Useful Lifetime (By comparing concentration of antioxidants in the in-service/used oil to the Fresh oil)

Test methodology

A solvent and sand substrate is first added to separate the anti-oxidant from the oil. Using the principle of linear sweep voltametry a current-time-curve is measured. Position and area of the peaks characterise type and amount of the antioxidant additives.

Notes (application)

This test monitors the amount of remaining antioxidant additives (such as amine and phenols) in the oil sample as compared to the fresh oil.

As the antioxidants are continuously reduced during their lifetime, it`s possible to estimate the remaining lifetime of the oil. If all antioxidants are used, accelerated rate of oxidation and degradation of the oil occurs, affecting performance and functionality of the oil, as well as potentially leading to problems such as varnishing on certain systems.  

Suitable for systems

Gas and steam turbines; circulating systems, hydraulic systems, compressors and bearing lube systems