Viscometer med

Test equipment

ISL Automated Oil Bath Houillon Viscometer

Sample size

20ml (recommended), 5ml (minimum) for each temperature


ASTM D7279


viscosity mm²/s; viscosity index

Test methodology

Kinematic Viscosity is determined by measuring the time it takes for a liquid to flow between two sensors on a glass tube immersed in a constant temperature bath. The fluid is allowed to reach bath temperature (usually 40 deg C or 100 deg C) before the analysis is performed. Different sized capillaries and tube constants are available to support fluids of varying viscosity.

Notes (application)

Viscosity Kinematic measures the viscosity of the oil at 40 degree celsius and 100 degree celsius. The Viscosity Index (VI) is calculated based on the results at 40°C and 100°C.

A change of viscosity will indicate the presence of contamination (such as water, soot, other fluids), oxidation or lubricant degradation. A lubricant with a different viscosity as per the OEM intended can cause overheating, accelerated wear, and even the failure of the machine.

The viscosity index also provides some information of the behaviour of the oil at different temperature, and also indication on the oil group/type (ie. Mineral Group I/II or Synthetic)

Suitable for systems

All lubricating systems.