Test equipment

Perkin Elmer FTIR Oil Spectrometer Analyzer

Sample size

30ml (recommended), 10ml (minimum)


ASTM E2412


Abs/cm (absorption/ 1 cm oil layer thickness)

Test methodology

A small quantity of sample is introduced to the infrared cell, where it is subjected to an infrared light source, which is scanned from about 4000 cm-1 to 600 cm-1. The intensity of light transmitted through the sample is measured at each wavenumber. This allows the amount of light absorbed by the sample to be determined as the difference between the intensity of light before and after the infrared cell. An interferometer's delay is scanned over a range while the output intensity is recorded. The intensity vs delay data is Fourier transformed to produce an intensity vs wave number spectrum.

Notes (application)

FTIR uses the concept of IR method of analysis. It is relatively quick to perform and is capable of simultaneously detecting multiple parameters, such water, fuel, glycol, oil oxidation, and soot.

The infrared spectrum compared against the spectrum of a relevant fresh-/ reference oil provides information about changes in the oil or possible oil contamination.

Suitable for systems

All lubricating systems. Also suitable for Grease.