Test equipment

Seta Flash Point Tester

Sample size

30ml (recommended), 10ml (minimum for only +/- result)


Astm D3828


Degree Celcius

Test methodology

A test specimen is introduced, by a syringe, into the test cup of the selected apparatus that is set and maintained at the specified temperature. After a specific time, an ignition source is applied and a determination is made as to whether or not a flash occurred.

Notes (application)

The flash point (FP) value relates to the flammability of combustible liquids, which corresponds to the hazard classification of them. Low Flash Points is dangerous especially in the event of component failure that can generate heat above the flash point of the oil. FP is also able to determine the possibility of light-end hydrocarbons getting into the oil through seal leaks or other means. When the oil is contaminated with fuel, its flash point will decrease.

Suitable for systems

Diesel engines, gas compressors, any system that needs monitoring of temperature volatility due to contaminants or degradation